Eco-Friendly Flooring

A beautiful cork floor is good for your health as well as the environment. Made in Brooklyn, NY, our colored and patterned cork tiles are available for shipping worldwide.

Globus Cork

Why Choose Us

Globus Cork is the only US manufacturer of 100% cork tiles. We manufacture 2,500 variations, including 40 beautiful colors in 3 textures.

Cork is a beautiful natural product and now with Globus Cork’s proprietary coloring process, there are so many design options available. Nearly any design that can be done in ceramic tiles can now be done in cork. Globus Cork is unique in its tile size and shape offerings. More than 20 sizes are available as well as custom designs and colors.

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Alexa Hampton


Cork flooring has a very long life and can be repaired if damaged.

Thermal Insulation

Cork naturally maintains a comfortable median temperature.


Naturally resistance to mold and mites, cork is great for asthma sufferers and allergies problems.


The air contained in the millions of cork cells provides a cushioned feel.

Easy Installation

Globus Cork tiles are pre-finished and pre-glued, making installation a breeze.

Sound reduction

The cellular structure of cork reduces sound and vibration transmission. Great for noisy spaces.

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