Tile Instructions with Pictures 1

Unpack the tiles and let them acclimate to the room temperature and humidity for 3 to 4 days.

Substrate should be smooth and free of dirt, waxes, polish, old adhesives, paint and voids.

Lay out your pattern as you would for any tile work. Chalk your lines onto the floor or walls.
Tile Instructions with Pictures 2
Apply adhesive to perimeter of the room using a paintbrush. Brush adhesive close to the inside corner. If adhesive should hit the wall, simply wipe off with a moist towel or rag. (If adhesive should dry on any undesirable surface, simply rub off. Use no thinners or removers)
Tile Instructions with Pictures 3
Using a paint roller with a medium nap refill, apply the adhesive to your substrate as you would in painting a substrate. (Apply adhesive over the chalk lines. Adhesive will dry clear.)
Person installation floor tile
Once adhesive is dry and tacky (roughly an hour depending on humidity), carefully align the tile edge to the chalk line. Once tiles touch the adhesive, the tiles will grab to the substrate. If a mistake is made, slowly peel up the cork tile with the aid of a putty knife, using a slicing motion, cut the adhesive free from the substrate and or tile. Reapply the adhesive to these areas.
Once the first tile is in place, align the next tile to the edges of the first. Initially you can slap the face of the tile in place then follow with a rubber mallet or batten board. Tile must be hit for positive contact between substrate and tile, especially at the perimeter and corners.
Flooring installation
Continue in the same fashion as above. Do not allow any traffic onto dry adhesive. This will cause a coating of dirt onto the adhesive and inhibit it from being effective in holding the tiles. Do not cover floor tiles with plastic. The use of roll paper is preferred for traffic.
Flooring installation

If applying an additional coat of finish on site, vacuum the tiles and seams and then clean with a very dry sponge, or mop.Finish can be applied with the use of a foam roller. Best results is to use a pull foam applicator. This will prevent air bubbles from possibly forming. (Shureline 9″ applicator pad works very well).

Wait for a 2 week period before washing the floor

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