Special Deals

All of our regular cork products are made to order and production timing can run 6 – 10 weeks.  These items here on this page are available to ship out within a few days.  Please email or call us with the quantity you are seeking and we can let you know if we have enough on hand for your project. 

For Other Shapes, Please see our Patterns and Colors pages

Available Cork Tiles

Dark Ocean Fog Cork Nugget Tile
Dark Ocean Fog Nugget Cork Tiles - 12 x 24"

This is a medium to dark gray color with swirls of a fog effect. A very popular color and size. Ready to ship item. 

Pricing: $8.00/sq foot. 

Call or email with your quantity request or sample request. 

Tel. 718-742-7264  -or-  info@CorkFloor.com

Sale and Rapid Ship Items 1
Alabaster Striata Cork Tiles –  12 x 24″
White is a very popular cork color and this tile has a faint appearance of the lines of the Striata cork texture. This is a ready to ship item. Pricing: $9.00/sq foot. Call or email with your quantity request or sample request. Tel. 718-742-7264  -or-  info@CorkFloor.com
Sale and Rapid Ship Items 2
Natural Nugget Cork Tiles - 18 x 18"

Natural Nugget cork tiles are the most cost effective item we produce. It has a burled wood appearance.  It wears very well and customers say it hides dirt well too ! This is a ready to ship item.

Pricing: $7.00/sq foot.

Call or email with your quantity request or sample request.

Tel. 718-742-7264  -or-  info@CorkFloor.com

Ordering Samples

Payments are handled online through Paypal.com, or you can call us.
Please send an email to us at samples@corkfloor.com to request a sample or use our order form. We send out up to 3 for free. (Sorry, US only.) We strongly suggest that you see a sample before placing your order and our samples are 3×4″ in size for color examination.
There is a charge of $1.50 per sample for more than 3 samples (US only). Samples are sent through regular first class US mail. If you need more than 3 samples,



There are some basic rules of thumb in calculating the correct amount of flooring to order. First calculate the square footage. To do that, measure the length and width of the room, round them up to the closest foot and then multiply them together. If you are going to be placing the tiles so they are parallel with a wall, then you should add 7 -10% extra square footage to your order. If you are going to place your tiles on a diagonal to the walls, then you should add 15-20% extra square footage. This extra is your allowance for cuts you’ll need to make, errors and plus a few extras for possible future replacements. Please remember that our custom manufacturing process is a batch process and an exact color match request to your existing cork flooring is difficult. Additionally, you’ll have to wait for another production cycle to get the extra tiles. It is much safer to order enough flooring the first time.

Adhesives and Finishes

Globus Cork sells the necessary adhesives for your installation. Please read our FAQs for more information about installing and maintaining your cork floor.

Globus Cork also sells commercial quality finishes as well as appropriate cleaners, protective floor dressings and floor stripper.


Globus Cork knows of a few installers in the NY area but mostly for commercial work. If your installer is unfamiliar with our product, please have them call us before they start your installation so we can answer any questions they might have. Please review our installation guide or slide show before starting the project.


Shipping and handling charges are in addition to the tile prices. F.O.B. from the New York manufacturing plant. The tiles are very light weight and between 80-100 sf of tiles can be placed in each shipping box.