Can Cork go in a Kitchen, Bathroom, or Laundry room?

Finished cork in glue-down tiles are great for kitchens and baths. We use only solvent-free, water-based products in the manufacturing of our cork tiles and that includes the adhesive also. You do need to put down a top coat of finish after the tiles are installed to protect the underlying adhesive from water. Caulking around the tub, sink and toilet in bathrooms also helps. Cork does not absorb water and mold does not grow on cork either so water or moisture is not a problem with glue-down cork tiles. Floating floors are not recommended for water areas because they are mostly fiberboard and can swell when they get wet. Only the 100% cork tiles which are a glue-down product are recommended for any potentially wet areas.

Cork flooring on stairs

You can use glue-down cork tiles on both the riser and tread of a staircase. You will need to use a nosing on the front edge of the step to protect the tiles from chipping. The wood or metal nosings are available at large hardware stores in both wood and metal.

Can the Cork Tiles be used as a Bulletin Board?

Yes, you can use the cork tiles as a bulletin board as long as you are mounting it to dry wall. You could also put it in a picture frame or mount it on foam board. The cork tiles are 3/16″ so a thumbtack will stay within the cork and a pushpin will extend through the cork into the sub-surface.